Please take your pick of a very serious, adult biography (as evidenced by the arty, smouldery photo) or a description of the real me (brightly coloured and covered in cats)

HELLO. I’m Dave and I write books.

What else do you need to know… I’m tall, I’m loud, I’m from West Cavan and I’m 29 for about three more weeks.

Important Things to Know

I love horror, fantasy, science-fiction, video games, fajitas and getting into mischief. I can sort of draw and kind of dance and can’t sing at all. I once won a limbo competition and a crisp taste test competition in the same venue in the same half hour.  I was born the day before Valentine’s Day and my parents nearly called me Valentine.

Extremely Important Things to Know

I used to be a teacher, and now I teach writing for humans of all sizes all over the world. My books are about hideous monsters, monsters that are not always hideous, and stressed teenagers doing the right thing.

I hope you like them.


I began my arts career as a storyteller around Dublin in nights like The Monday Echo and Milk & Cookies, before realising that it might be a good idea to try writing some of this stuff down.

From then, it was submitting to journals and anthologies, getting rejections, and then occasionally getting accepted by nice places like Bare Hands, Wordlegs and The Quotable.

In 2013 I won the Fantasy Book Review Short Story Prize, which was lovely, and I’ve had short stories short-listed for the Hennessy New Writing Award and the Bath Short Story Prize. I’ve performed at festivals, schools, libraries and theatres – and once a pumpkin festival.

I studied a Masters in Creative Writing in UCD, and was asked to write the first chapter of a novel for homework. That first chapter turned into a book called Knights of the Borrowed Dark, which caught the eye of rockstar agent Clare Wallace of the Darley Anderson Children’s Agency.

It signed with Puffin the following February, and I haven’t stopped since.