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Since KNIGHTS OF THE BORROWED DARK was released in 2016, I’ve performed in over 300 schools, libraries conferences and festivals. I’ve performed in the Edinburgh Fringe, spoken at tech companies, won a  Literary Death Match (exactly as much fun as it sounds) performed at a pumpkin festival for some reason, and regularly devise creative writing workshops for humans of all sizes.

School author visits are genuinely my favourite part of this job. As an English teacher, I constantly ran into the idea of ‘book kids’ and ‘non-book kids,’ and I know that no matter their reading level, no matter how afraid they might be of the written word, every kid is a story kid. Stories are in our bones and in our blood, just waiting to be brought out.

I offer all sorts of different events, from –

  • incredibly loud and Viking-ish author talks full of interactivity, writing tips, acted out scenes from KOTBD and a Q & A where the best question wins a signed copy of one of my books.
  • Themed workshops like The Science of MagicStorysmiths & Player One Go! – Building A Character From Scratch
  • Masterclasses for the dedicated young writer.
  • Longer courses to really deep-dive into the mechanics of writing.


These classes are all packed full of readings, writing advice, Q & As and convincing children that they too can spend their days in PJs writing about swords. There’s some more details at the links below, and if you have any more questions shoot me a line at I love coming up with new types of events so if you have any specific interests or requirements let me know and we can work something out! There are also teaching resources available for both primary and secondary schools available under the KNIGHTS OF THE BORROWED DARK tab on the top menu.

Booking Dave Ireland 2018

Booking Dave Outside Ireland 2018

I am also piloting a new Writer-In-Residence Scheme (for either Dublin schools or via Skype) which you can find out about below.

Dave-in-Residence School Scheme

If any of this piques your fancy or if you’ve read my work and want to tell me what you think, I’d love to hear from you. You can find me at the social media links at the bottom of the page. Twitter’s probably best, but I also make silly and short videos on Instagram, mostly about how adorable my cat is. I think that’s something we can all get behind.

Online reviews are critical to KNIGHTS OF THE BORROWED DARK doing well. If you’ve read my books and enjoyed them, do take a moment and review it or just rate it on Goodreads and Amazon. I really appreciate it! For publicity queries please contact Patricia McVeigh at or my rockstar ninja agent Clare Wallace at!