Final Book Cover UK

Hi. I’m extremely excited.

Above is the grimly foreboding and extremely snazzy cover for the UK and Ireland edition of KNIGHTS OF THE BORROWED DARK. There is a long a complicated process to bring a book to the point where it actually has a cover, let alone one as pretty as this, and I am bowled over by how great this looks.

Like look at it. I made up a thing. And now it looks like this.

The novel will be out in Ireland on March 1oth. The launch will be in Smock Alley Theatre, upstairs in the Banquet Hall, at 7pm. (There will be a Facebook event v soon) The launch will have all sorts of people, events, emotion, probably me being a bit weepy, and possibly some wine. All good things to spend your Thursday night with.

KotBD is available to pre-order here, and there will be copies available at the launch as well! I will sign them with an epithet or blistering curse of your choice.

ALSO – for all the official news and 50% less confused meanderings, this is the official KotBD Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. I cannot promise that most of the Instagram will not be my frazzled beard.

Today (like now, as you’re reading this) KotBD is on the front of The Bookseller, which is a huge deal, and which my lovely editor Ben and all of the staff at Puffin deserve huge thanks for. I am very honoured to be there.

Okay. I feel I have had enough emotions for at least ten minutes. There have definitely been enough links. I am going to sit very quiety for a while and then start working again on Book 3. Have a wonderful Friday!