I’ve been dying to reveal this properly for ages.

About a month ago, in the midst of Hay and Inisheer and Listowel and a bunch of other amazing gigs, I snuck off to London to spend three days in the ID Audio studio. They were super nice, and very accommodating, and after two and a half days (and four really lovely sausage rolls from Grace’s Bakery) we were left with the official audiobook to Knights of the Borrowed Dark!



It was such a fascinating process, and while I’m not the kind of unholy accent jukebox that normally does such things, I do know exactly how each character speaks. I can hear their voices and picture their movements, and for better or worse, I’m the architect of all their trauma and triumphs. It’s a bit like doing impressions of your friends, in a weird way. (not that I do that. Obviously.)

Also my exasperated is pretty good, which is basically Denizen’s only speed. Poor little guy.

It will be available in January 2017. Click here to pre-order a physical copy or here to check out the Audible version! I’m very grateful to ID Audio, W.H. Howes and Random House Audio for letting me record it, and I owe a huge thank you to Sally Ó’Dúnlaing for coaching me on accents and helping me bring the cadre of Seraphim Row to life.

(It’s a Thursday. We’re nearly at the weekend. You need to be listening to her music – here.)

There will be a longer blog coming soon about new events I’m doing, some contests, new projects and extra KOTBD content, so do watch out for that. ALSO PEOPLE HAVE BEEN SENDING ME FAN-ART. I’m going to be writing a huge blog about how wonderful that is, and showcasing some of the amazing drawings people have done. You have no idea how much it means to me that people care enough about Denizen and the guys to want to draw them.

I’m also currently taking bookings for the new school year for library, school, university and book club events, and spaces are filling up really fast so if you would like to book me for chats about beards, crisps and writing (the only three things I know anything about) drop me an email at dave@daverudden.com. As always, if you have read Knights of the Borrowed Dark, all review/ratings on Goodreads and Amazon are really appreciated, and if you want to bloop me questions, comments or keep updated on Knights news, do follow me at @d_ruddenwrites or like the trilogy on Facebook by clicking on the icon at the bottom of the page.

Phew. Okay. That was a lot of things. If you’re still reading, and (by some miracle) haven’t heard me bogart a mic somewhere and read from Knights of the Borrowed Dark, here is a video of the infamous ‘lightbulb bit’ at the Big Smoke Literary Café. Goodbye forever!