This is the very first blog post on my very first website about my very first book. It’s all a bit backwards, to be honest. This is the end of the year – a time of reflection, of rumination, of looking back on the twelve months that have filled in behind you like footprints in snow.

I’m not doing that.

My first novel, KNIGHTS OF THE BORROWED DARK, is out on the 10th of March. It sold 22 months and three days ago (I have not been counting) and it feels very strange, after so long waiting for this imaginary event, to have it get more and more real. We’re only a couple of months out. The team at Penguin Random House have been confusing booksellers and reviewers with mysterious gifts and symbols…

'This just arrived in the post. Consider me intrigued. @PuffinBooks #KOTBD'

‘If you’re afraid of the dark, what’s the dark afraid of?’


… and I’m slowly getting an idea of what next year is going to look like. Busy-shaped, which I am more than happy with. This is a ridiculous, insane chance I have been presented with, and I intend to do everything I can to be worthy of it.

The first of the proofs will be going out in January to booksellers, reviewers and (this is the bit that fills me with excitement/stark terror) thirty schools, to be handed directly to teenagers. I am dying to know what they think. Teenagers are the hardest audience there is – they have the widest choice of quality literature and they are under no societal obligation to pretend to like a book just because you’re ‘supposed to.’ Baptism of fire. Eeep.

The proofs look suitably mysterious…

KotBD proofs

… and my website is extremely shiny (Thanks Jeff! Thanks Matthew!) and full of important information which I have yet to write but I promise it will all be super important. There will be bits of prose, videos, writing tips, competitions and everything you need to know about the trilogy. So yes. This is supposed to be the end of the year, the slowing, the folding up and the freezing over… but it isn’t. This is the beginning of something huge and scary and amazing.

This is it. The end starts here.