I’ve been meaning to write a blog about KOTBD, being on tour, exhaustion, loveliness, crisps and general miscreance for a while now, but I haven’t had time, mainly because of KOTBD, being on tour, exhaustion, loveliness and crisps. I’m currently writing this in a hotel in Galway before I go surprise a kids’ book group who are reading KOTBD

(in conjunction with the organiser, obviously. I don’t show up like Banquo’s ghost and glare at people who didn’t like it. There are rules about these things)

– and so much has happened that I’m struggling to remember everything. Okay.


And people were lovely, and I got a lot of horrified messages from people when they reached certain points in the book, and that was fun, and I kept going into bookshops like a big weirdo to look at my book. I’m not ashamed. The book hit No. 6 in the Irish Times Children’s/YA Bestseller list, No. 3 in Easons, No. 4 in Dubray and No. 16 in Hodges’ Figgis’ overall chart, which is pretty magic.


There were interviews. There were reviews. I wrote some articles on things that are important to me like bullying and mental health and speaking up when you need to speak up, and I managed not to read the comments. (They’re all in the Media & Resources section above! The articles, not the comments) And then…


in the UK this time, and I went on tour, which is a completely ridiculous experience. Seven cities, five days… 4400 children? I think. It could have been a million. And guys, it was fun. I got to answer a lot of questions (some were about the book, some were about crisps, one was about my sideburns, and that was kind of my favourite) and I signed a ton of books. (you count books by weight, right? I don’t know)

And then I did a festival in a real no-fooling castle and I learned that it is actually possible for my voice to run out (who knew) and so I was fairly croaky for a while but I had some honey and now I only sound like a hairdryer instead of a hairdryer full of rocks.

And then…


in Germany under the title Die Allianz Der Schattenjäger, the first in the Tenebris trilogy. The cover is very pretty and super fantastical –

German Cover KOTBD

– and we’re currently working on a plan to do some events over there! Speaking of events, if you are a teacher and you’re looking to teach KOTBD, I’ve uploaded a set of teacher exercises and reading guides to the Media & Resources section which might be helpful. I’ve also added a page where you can see what events I’m planning to do over the next few months.

Okay. Okay. This is a long post. BUT –

My extremely talented friend Shannon made a documentary for her Masters, and for some reason only known to her, she decided to make it about KOTBD and I. She roped in the equally-talented Dearbháil Clarke and together they put together this piece of cinema featuring my agent, my publisher and Captain of Soundness Rick O’Shea talking about Knights of the Borrowed Dark. Also me. Argh.

I really hope you like it.

(OH. Sorry. The title for this blog comes from the fact that Shannon convinced us to watch the last four Fast & The Furious films and guys I swear to God they’re explosion-ariffic. Go. Well. Wait. Watch this first. And then watch them.)